Bone spurs are extra bony materials formed on normal bones, these are not sharp bones as one may decipher but just extra bones that are smooth, that may cause wear and tear when they press or rub against other bones, ligaments, tendons or even nerves. WHERE DO BONE SPURS OCCUR? The most common places for the growth of a bone spur are the spine, shoulders, knees, hands, hips, and feet. WHY DO BONE SPURS OCCUR? They are usually a result of the body’s repair mechanism; it typically forms due to pressure, rubbing, or stress over a long period of time.Growth spurs occur due to aging als

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Total Knee Replacement - Don't Let Knee Pain Stops You

Knee disorders are not just limited to the elderly, they have increased profoundly in the recent times. Once you reach middle age, joint pains, especially knee disorders become a part of life. Here, Total Knee replacement surgeries can help solve your issue.

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Facts About Joint Replacement

As one grows older, joint stiffness and pain are experienced. Have you ever thought as to why these problems occur? It’s because joint deterioration occurs with increasing age and the soft cushioning cartilage in the joint degrades. This causes the bones to rub against each other leading to wearing of joint bones. Well, old age is not the only factor that plays a role in joint deterioration. Lifestyle factors like obesity, high impact sports or complete lack of exercise also affect the joints. When it comes to treatment, oral medications and local joint injections are the initial choices

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