Non – Surgical Knee Pain Treatment Delhi

Knee Osteoarthritis is a situation in which the protective cartilage over the bone at the knee joint wears away. It cause bone exposure and thus results in swelling and severe pain. Intra Articular injections such as corticosteroids and hyaluronan is an alternative approach to the oral agents used for joint pain.

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Corticosteroid injections:  are mainly known as Steroid injection. For settling down a very inflamed joint , an anti-inflammatory medication is injected into the knee joint.This injection is mainly applicable for the patient  who is having the sign of local inflammation with a joint effusion. This will decrease pain, inflammation and swelling. The effect is seen after week and this last for a number of weeks. Having up to three to four injections per year appears to be quite safe.

Viscosupplementation: A substance called hyaluronan or hyaluronic acid is injected into the joint. The building block of Viscosupplementation is Hyaluronan that makes up synovial fluid.It is the thick fluid that normally lubricates the knee joint. The synovial fluid becomes thinner in the joint which is caused by OA and here the shock absorption does not take place. Synovial fluid is important in shock absorption , lubrication , and nutrition of the cartilage cells. This will decrease pain and disability from knee osteoarthritis  up to a year. This treatment is applicable in patients who have not responded to a program of nonpharmacologic  therapy and simple analgesics. This cause no side effects.

Dr. Biren Nadkarni is a well experienced  Joint Replacement Surgeon.  He is known as one of the best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi who  have performed  around 500 Knee, Hip and Shoulder replacement surgeries in his career. He have a fame in performing Non-surgical knee pain Treatment Delhi which is shown to be a safe treatment method for Osteoarthritis.

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